Covid-19 Return To Play Protocols

WAVES VC is excited about our restart of volleyball. It's been a tough few months for everyone and we know that players and families are excited to return to play.

While volleyball is considered a medium risk sport, by following the return to play protocols, we are confident, that with the help of players and families, we will mitigate the risks and play volleyball safely. Please keep everyone safe by reading and following the guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you on the court.

17U Circle

Before attending a WAVES session:

  • Know the symptoms and risks of Covid-19
  • Familiarize yourself with the WAVES and OVA Covid-19 protocols and guidelines
  • Assess your own personal fitness to play and be in a public setting
  • Only bring your essentials (ie. water bottles and towel) into the gym
  • Do not share personal equipment
  • Limit contact to your personal "bubble" before and after attending a WAVES session
  • Wear a mask when off court and bring your own sanitizer if you wish

Covid-19 Guidelines

The WAVES Volleyball Club and its coaches will be following the guidelines provided by the Ontario Volleyball Association  and Toronto Public Health. WAVES VC continue to receive updates from the OVA and public health officials and will update any protocols and procedures as necessary. Further documentation and guidelines will be sent to registrants before the commencement of any program.

Training will be conducted by trained and experienced coaches and will follow strict Covid-19 guidelines.

Player Guidelines

  1. WAVES VC expects players to act with honesty and integrity at all times, including the state of their personal health and any potential symptoms.
  2. All players and parents are expected to read OVA and WAVES VC guidelines related to Covid-19.
  3. Practice social distancing before, during and after each session. Face away from others and cover if coughing or sneezing. Try to increase distance from others prior to coughing of sneezing.
  4. No parents or spectators will be allowed in the building.
  5. Waivers and declarations will be required for all registrants at the beginning of each session.
  6. There are no changerooms available. Players should to come prepared to play. (washrooms are available but it is advisable to prepare in advance not to use these)
  7. All participants will have to exit the building immediately after the conclusion of their session
  8. All coaches and staff will wear masks for the duration of the session. Players will wear masks in and out of the facility.
  9. Each participant will be given a specific area to leave any personal belongings. Personal equipment should be kept to a minimum (water bottles, towels, court shoes, etc.). Do not bring in non-essential items.
  10. Disinfectant will be used between each session on all equipment and personal areas
  11. Hand sanitizer will be available and used by all participants before and after every break
  12. No person-to-person contact like high fives, handshakes or fist bumps. No contact with the net, post or antennas. The coaching staff will make any adjustments to the equipment.
  13. The WAVES VC reserves the right to send any player home if any of the staff believes that they are exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms.
  14. If any player becomes sick with Covid-19 within 14 days of attending a WAVES VC event they must notify the club by contacting Michael Wahbi at

General Guidelines

  • Athletes will be in set groups/courts and there will be no switching between groups/courts.
  • Coaches will direct the activities on their courts and will remain with their groups.
  • Whenever possible, coaches will direct, demonstrate and explain activities verbally and try to avoid using the balls.
  • Each court will have a set of dedicated balls. This will require frequent collecting and drills that allow for quick cleanup.
  • There will be no sharing of balls between courts. For balls crossing courts, players are expected to leave them or return them to the court/player using their foot only.
  • All balls will be sanitized between sessions prior to any new groups using them.
  • Attendance and temperature of all players will be taken prior to all sessions.